Monday, May 04, 2009

Happy Greek Easter!

Hi everybody! How are you all...I know it's been forever since I've bogged, again! Life is extremely busy just with the day to day stuff, work, Ari's school, etc... So, Greeks, at least the Orthadox Greeks, celebrate Easter a week later than traditional Christians so Ari and I got to celebrate two this year! This picture is us over at Ari's Mom's house where she threw a huge bash for every one. Here is Ari's cousin Ari...yes, they have the same name, but totally different personalities. ( I got the good one!) Then, from left to right, Agape, a family friend, Veta, Ari's Aunt, (my Ari's, cousin Ari's mom.) and then a friend of the fam whose name I don't know. At all the parties, they always end up dancing! It's really fun to watch and occasionally get dragged into...they have even danced on table tops when they are feeling crazy! : ) It's a Greek and middle eastern thing, but it sure makes a party a lot more fun!
This is Amar, my brother-in-law and his girl friend, Grecia trying to stay warm after the sun went down.
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