Saturday, June 13, 2009

Whew! Where Do I Begin!?!

Life has completely gotten away from me these last couple of months! Let's see... Um, well I don't quite know what I did, but I hurt my back and was having a difficult time simply walking, so I had to take some "sick leave" with work...thank God that Ari's mom Alice is so understanding and gracious because the some sick leave has turned into over a month! I had to have an epidural of cortisone two weeks ago on this next Monday. : ( Ouch! An epidural, (at least for me) is a spinal cord injection of a strong anti-inflammatory. For this procedure, the doctor has to put me to sleep using what's called "twilight sedation," which just means that I am completely out, but they keep me just "out" enough that I can continue to breathe with out having to be intibated, (no tube down my throat.) Any way, the procedure took about an hour, and then once I was awake enough, Ari took me home where I recovered with bed rest for the first day or two and then slowly eased back into normality. I am still in a fair amount of pain, so I still haven't returned to work! I feel like I'm going to go crazy!!! It is really hard for me to sit still and stuff. Plus, I feel really badly about not working because Alice definitely needs my help at the restaurant. She has been so graciously understanding, I am extremely grateful to her for that. Ari has been taking very good care of me and making sure that I don't over do it around here. God bless him! He has been going to school and taking care of everything around the house too! I am a very blessed and lucky girl. : )

Otherwise life has been busy and stressful. Sharing our home with Ari's little brother is forever challenging, to say the least...basically it completely sucks. I don't want to say too be careful who might read this, and to keep from sinning! : ( Bottom line is that we are constantly having to draw our boundery lines and continuely hold people to them. This becomes very frustrating and tiresome. Tension seems to be thick around our house on a regularly, and that is exhausting. I am extremely glad that Ari is only going to be in school for this one year, and he will be graduating the end of October! As soon as we are financially able, we are going to get a place of our own. It looks like we will be here in L.A. for another year or so, until Ari has regular work in the film industry, and then, God willing we will move back to Colorado or to Washington, where ever God opens the door. It seems like we will always need to keep a small apartment here in L.A. so that we have a place to stay as Ari's work requires. Ultimately we would really love to purchase a home in the Camas/Washougal area, it's just always going to be home to both of us, and it is where we want to raise our children, etc... It is really quite strange to be in such a mercurial place at this point in our lives...we ernestly thought that we would be settled in to our own house with at least one kid and living a "normal" life for all intents and purposes. God has led us on this crazy adventure instead, so we are holding on tightly and doing our best to enjoy the journey, and all that! (what-what!) : ) I must admit that the weather is phenominal and we have thoroughly enjoyed living so close to Disneyland and the Ocean!!! We live just two or three miles from the beach and about a 30 minute drive from Disneyland - where we hold a year-round premium pass! We have quite honestly visited both parks, the CA Adventure and Disneyland proper an average of three times a month since moving here.

Looking ahead - This next week we are flying back to Colorado for Ari to work one of Telluride's festivals for his old department and so that I can visit my friends and family. I quite eagerly looking forward to seeing my mom and my sister! I get to stay with Jess and her husband for most of the week, I think that I will only get to spend one night up in T-ride. Ari is looking forward to "being a cop again." : ) It must be extrordinarilly strange to go from being a "civilian" to being a police officer for a week and then back again. This has been the longest period of time that I have ever gone with out seeing my mom and my sister - over eight months. : ( It has been a really hard and very lonely time for us all, one week just isn't enough!

O.k., I'm just going to put this out there for all of our friends and family: You are all welcome to come and stay with us in our home if you would like a Californian vacation...remember that we are mere minutes from the gorgeous Pacific Ocean, Universal Studios AND Disneyland!!! We have a spare bed room that is just waiting to be filled! : ) (and that part about it being tense around here, well, it's not THAT bad, I don't think any one else would really notice.) :>)

Well, I think that about covers it as far as up-dates go...I will do my best to keep you all in the loop when there is anything news worthy.

Love to you all,

~the Eddy's


Blogger Misty Throop said...

Wow, you guys are amazing! I hope your back gets to feeling better so that you can get up and about and back to work. Tell Ari we are rooting for him to finish up school with a bang! And maybe we'll take you up on that stay! Got room for 4? Love you guys, Misty

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