Monday, February 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to us all!

Happy birthday to Leah, last week, happy birthday to Chris Webb who is 30 today! I must say that I almost wrote in a little tease right there, but I can't, I turned 30 today too. It is not as bad as it seems...Of course there's the little nagging voice that keeps reminding you of what you haven't done yet in your life, that sort of thing. But when you are surrounded by most of your favorite people and they just so happen to be your family as well, and the best part of it all is that you actually LIKE eachother and enjoy eachother's company, well when these are the type that surround me on my birthday, I can take on whatever silly decade milestones and all that goes with it!

Today was a lot of fun. Ari and I got up early, (for us mind you) and we drove down to Fruita to my Parent's house. Jessica was already there, Uncle Dan and Grandmother arived not too far behind and then came Emily and Olivia. We had a great time and ate a ton of Mexican food, it was delicious! Yum. Of course, as is our Upson Family tradition, we blew up our Christmas tree that had been covered in all types of fire works! Now, we started off the eve of festivities with the Upson Family cannon, yes, I did say cannon! : ) My parents have a new neighbor they forgot to fill them in on what goes on around here each jan/feb. (This has been our tradition since I was in highschool.) Anyway, the neighbor lady came running around the corner of our house to make sure we were all o.k. I tried to explain to her, and even invited her family to join us...I got the feeling she wanted to sprint as fast as she could away from me AND anything having to do with my family. : ) Oooops.

Now I am doing laundry. I cut my Sister's hair, my Dad's hair, Uncle Dan's hair, my Mom's hair and then I tried to cut my own hair, which I mostly did, it was the back parts that needed a little bit of help from my Mom. Perhaps I should get licensed so that I could actally make some money doing what I already do. Sounds good to me! : )

I am losing steam, I am going to go now. Have a wonderful day, I love you and miss you all very much! ~Kristen Fairlight