Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! I know that a lot of you have received this in our card, but it really is our prayer for each one of you to have a Christmas and New Year filled with Peace and Joy that really do follow you all throughout the whole year. We are doing well, done with Christmas shopping and getting everything wrapped up and ready to go down to my family's house in Fruita for the big day...the best news is that Seth and Tess, Hannah and Caleb are going to be coming down for Christmas, so we get to SEE all of them and HUG all of them! None of us can wait to see them. : ) I know that the kids are going to seem so huge! It has only been six or seven months since Ari and I have last seen every one, but for the rest of my fam, it's been a good year plus change...I believe that the last time they saw one another was at our wedding!

Ari and I are driving down to Fruita very early Christmas morning...he doesn't get off of work until 5 a.m. Christmas morn, so that is when we will leave. We are putting a mattress in the back of our Pilot and we are going to sleep in it, in their garage! My parent's house will be WAY crouded with Seth's family, Jessica and Rob, etc... so we thought we'd help to keep the sanity and sleep somewhere else, hopefully we will be able to stay warm enough! : ) We are bringing three down comforters, that should do it, I should hope. : )

By the way, I am sure that most of you already know this, but "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" was increadilbe! The movie was all that I hoped it would be, and then some! We went and saw it last weekend and it was phenominal! They did a very good job of sticking to the story and not watering any of the Christianity down, plus, the special effects and all of the strange animals were done quite well. We loved it and give it "A very enthusiastic Two Thumbs Up!" : ) It is a wonderful book and movie for any person of any age!..(it might be scary for babies, but you know what I mean, it is rated PG after all!)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! I would like to encourage all of you to go out of your way to make a point of enjoying your friends and family during this special season. I love and miss you all and I promise to post some pictures next week.

Much love, Kristen Eddy

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have had company for the last few weeks it would seem...we did get a few day break in, but even on those days we had people over for dinner, I have not been keeping up on my blog, sorry, and I still haven't done any Christmas shopping! This is really unlike me, but alas, what's a girl to do stuck up on a snowy mountain in a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over-priced resort town?! I cannot and will now waste my husband's hard earned money here! So, I think that Ari and I will take yet another three hour trip down to where my parent's live, they have a mall and some decent stores down there, beside that, it's always nice to see my mom and dad, plus, we have a ton of laundry to do while we are there. Here we have a laundry mat that charges $1.50 to wash and $1.00 to dry, provided your load is small enough to actually dry with in the 50 or so minutes that they allot you, so, we have a deal with my family; I give everybody free haircuts, and they let us do our laundry down there when we visit. It's not every week that we drive three hours for a few loads, but if we are going down there, we bring our dirty laundry with us! : ) I think that it's a pretty fair exchange. Also, while we are down in "normal land" we will try to go and see THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE! I can hardly wait for this movie! I grew up reading these books, several times over and it is going to be so great to see it all come to life. I also grew up reading the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit books, and I enjoyed the movies immensely, but this is different, this has such a deep and obvious underlying story of what Jesus did for us here on earth. I cry each time that I read the books, and now just seeing the adds for the movie, I find myself getting choked up.

Urrrgh! I just wrote a whole lot more here, and then selected it to do a spell check on it and it just vannished! Grrrrrrrr. I guess that I will just have to tell you more later when I get back in the typing mood and I am not feeling quite so hostile towards computers!

In the mean time...Have yourself a Merry little Christmas time! And you can have a Happy New Year too! : )

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Busy, busy, busy! the little guy in the Frosty the Snowman cartoon says! : ) We had Thanksgiving at our house with just the two of us because Ari had to work, but his friend Joseph who was in our wedding and is a youth pastor in Pendelton, OR flew out to spend it with us. So, at least we were not completely alone! : ) I made a giant turkey, stuffing, rolls, greenbean casserole with the crispy fried onion rings on top, mashed potatoes, salad, gallons of gravy and then two pumpkin pies and one blueberry pie with homemade whipping cream! Yum, it was a complete and total feast! : )

The day after Thanksgiving, we all drove down to the nearest town a bought our Christmas tree! It is almost ten feet tall and the whole thing fit inside our new car! We had the tree well wrapped in a tarp and layed a few of the seats down, and that sucker fit just like a glove! I love all of the "cargo room"! : ) We put the tree up that same night and got it all decorated...the place looks all cheery and cozy. We also put lights up all around our picture window in the livingroom, so from out side it looks especially enviting. Now all we need are a few presants under the tree! : ) (We already have the snow, but we would like some more.) I think that we have about four to six inches of snow on the ground, with more expected on the way...once it starts snowing in the fall, it never goes away until mid-May, no joke. This last summer I got a little worried that Ari's birthday was going to be snowy, and his birthday it May 28th! I think that the snow hung around until the week before his birthday. That is partly why getting to go to Greece was so great, we never really had any summer at all...maybe one or two weeks of sun, then the "monsoon season" hit. (That just means that it rains, a lot.) So, back to the snow...we both really enjoy it, especially watching it fall out side our window. I went out in it today and I was trying to scrape ice off of my windshield and I fell flat on my Tuchus! sp? Ouch. I am still feeling it! : )

Joseph left for home yesterday, so I sort of recouperated today, cleaned house and made a giant batch of turkey noodle soup with our left-over turkey. It turned out really well, which was a good thing because Ari brought the new-higher police officer home with him for dinner tonight! I am so glad that they have finally hired some one, they have been in desparate need for months! This guy seems nice enough, plus he liked my soup, so he's a keeper! : )

I really wish that I were asleep in my bed right now, but I am up waiting for my husband to come home...he was supposed to be home around 3 am, and it's almost 4...he just-just called to tell me that he got an arrest for DUI and he's going to be a while down at the jail. Well, at least I know where he is and I don't have to be worried for him any longer. I feel horribly for Ari because he has to get up early for a training tomorrow morning...he works all night, gets off at 3 am, is on-call until 5am, and then he has to get up at 7:30am and be ready to leave by 8am, and that's the best case...NOW he's got this arrest that will keep him up and at work until 5:30, or 6, he might be able to unwind enough to sleep for a little bit, but he still has to get up at 7:30 and leave at 8 - for an all day fire-arms (gun) training...reeeeeal safe, that's what I'm thinking! My poor husband! I wish that there was something that I could do to help him...I can't imagine how tired he is already, not even counting the thing tomorrow hanging over his head. Poor boy. : (

Well, now that I know where he is and that he is safe, I am going to try and get some sleep for the both of us...maybe osmosis will work with sleep! (I know that it is only for water, but you can't crush all my hopes!) : ) Love you all out there in bloggerland...I hope that you had wonderful Thanksgiving's with your friends and family!