Thursday, April 02, 2009

Our Friends are Coming!!! Our Friends are Coming!!!

Hello All! Ari and I are doing great, just working and going to school and enjoying the California sunshine! I actually sunbathed yesterday! : ) For the entire four years that we lived in Telluride, I never once layed out in the sun...I don't even think it ever got warm enough to want to! Needless to say, I absolutely loved it!

Our wonderful friends from Telluride are coming to spend a week with us for their Spring Break with their three children and I can hardly wait!!! Jay and Lisa are our very dear friends that we met while we lived in Telluride. They moved up there in 2006 when Jay had got hired at the Telluride Marshal's Dept. as a deputy with Ari. The first time we met we totally hit it off! They are near our age and they've been married since they were 19! They are Christians and they have three really great kids. Lisa is one of me best friends, she is wonderfully loyal and sincere and she is just plain fun to hang out with! Lord knows how desperately I needed a friend while we lived up there, and He brought me a wonderful one in Lisa! : ) They will be here on Wednesday the 8th and staying until the following Monday. Ari and I are going to take them all over. Of course we are going to Disneyland, to the Zoo, to the beach, shopping at one of the World's larges malls, to down town Hollywood to see the "Walk Of Fame" with all of the stars on the sidewalks and the world famous Groman's Chinese Theater, aka the Kodak Theater. That is the place where the Oscar's are held each year. Ari is even going to drive them all of the way up to the giant white Hollywood sign up in the Hollywood hills!

In other news, Ari is excited about this segment of school because they are specifically studying directing, which is his ultimate goal for future employment, etc... I am so unbelievably proud of my Husband for being brave enough to follow his dream! I knew that he was talented enough to bank our future on him working in the field of directing after he finishes school, but now that I've gotten to see him in action I am really blown away at how amazingly talented he truly is! He amazes me daily with new story ideas and he is very gifted in writing the dialog into the screenplay. Personally, I would find the writing of dialog to be near impossible, what with all the back and forth conversations...trying to set the proper tone for the scene, trying to make it funny or serious, or sad or scary...I would be at a complete loss. And Ari isn't just capable of writing, he is really GOOD at it! I am so impressed and proud! Besides Ari being a great student, he is also such an amazing husband! I really am blessed and fortunate to have him as my Husband and my Best friend.

I am working four days a week at Aliki's Greek it's not a tavern, we don't sell any alcohol, it's just Greek for diner. I have found that I really love meeting all of the customers and getting to know the "regulars." It has been a good thing to have something to do after all of these years being a house wife! : ) (I have been wonderfully spoiled!) Quite honestly, I cannot wait until Ari is out of school and I won't have to work any more! : ) I feel terrible admitting that, but it's the truth!

Say, I just remembered something that I wanted to blog about! Ari and I went for a walk along the beach this last Sunday and to our amazement and great joy, we got to watch a pod of dolphins fishing and playing right out in front of us for over an hour! They gave us a wonderful show jumping and leaping and having so much fun with one another. I wanted to go out and swim with them so badly! There were probably between 12 to 18 of them romping around out in the surf! It was awesome to watch them do these jumps in tandem, perfectly matched as though they'd choreographed a show just for us! It was incredible, I could hardly tear myself away from it when we had to leave.

Well, that just about catches us up for the time being. We love and miss all of you.

Ari and Kristen

P.S. Please Pray!!!

For those of you who know my Uncle Scotty, he isn't doing well at all. He has cut off all of his friends and family, not answering or returning phone calls, etc... and he lost his job at Lowe's about four weeks ago. I have no idea if he is even alive right now because the doctors told him over a year ago that he would die if he drank at all, and he has been on a serious bender since February at the latest, probably before that. Please pray. The last time I spoke with him was four weeks ago. Thank you for your prayers for both he and heart is very heavy and sad.