Friday, October 27, 2006

Ari and Rob K.

Here's a pic of my gorgeous husband and his friend Rob who was visiting us on leave from the Army...He has recently returned from Iraq. It was really great to see him again, the last time we saw him was in WA the night before he was shipped off to boot camp and that was back in '01. Thank You Jesus that he's o.k. and that he made it home safely! This picture was taken this summer, I am posting it now because I have had a few requests for a picture of Ari...He's the one on the left! : ) I'm getting all mushy just looking at this picture, he's so cute, and beside the cuteness, he treats me like a princess. He has been my rock through this surgery...carrying me up and down the stairs to our apartment (we live on the third floor), helping me do just about everything around the house and NEVER complaining or getting frustrated. Everytime I thank him he just says, "For you, anything." It reminds me of The Princess Bride when Buttercup asks her Westley for something and he says "As you wish," but what he really ment was "I love you." Aaaaaw, so sweet...I think I'm getting a toothache! : ) Posted by Picasa


This is the result of the snow's hard work, isn't it amazing? : ) This was our view tonight out our living room window right before we left for church. We truely do have a "million dollar" view. Posted by Picasa

Snow for Keeps!

We got our first really major snow storm this's been so lovely to watch. At times we had blizard conditions and couldn't even see across our parking lot! We have also been visited by a large bear and a few days after the bear we had a pack of coyotes yipping and yapping and carrying on right below our living room was really cool to see them up close like that...I have always heard them off in the woods and I have seen the occasional lone coyote, but it was really neat to get to see them all together howling to their friends on some distant ridge...we could hear the other pack answering them back too, it was kinda spooky.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here's Mokee!

My sweet little kitty keeping me company...He looks like a cute little fruit bat or something! : )
I promise, he is super cute, it's just hard to get a picture of him because he's so dark, he sort of blends into himself. : )
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Hospital Pics

Here I am a few days post surgery...the nursing staff finally realized that they were only giving me a mere fraction of the prescribed, and very necessary pain medication, so I am finally feeling half-way sane. : ) Chris and Robin, thank you so much for my Eeyore; I still sleep with him every night and he goes every where with me! : )
My sweet Ari...He stayed with me every night, all through the night so that I never had to be alone. What a guy!
This is during the time when my pain was way out of control due to the pain medication "missunderstanding." Boy am I glad it's all over! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It's been trying to snow and stick around here for the past few weeks, and I think that today it finally succeeded! : ) Even after three years of snow from Oct. through the end of May, I still get excited everytime I see the comforting white flakes floating down to their silent landing. Today I can just see across the parking lot to the next apartment building, beyond that everything is just a veil of's snowing so much that the mountains are completely obscured! And believe me, that takes a LOT of snow falling down to cover those suckers up! : ) It's not quite a blizzard because there is little to no wind, but if we were driving in it, we would have a tough time seeing very far in front of us. How fun! : ) I really hope that this is it now and that the snow stays on the ground...around here it gets to 6 feet or so during the winter. It snows WAY more than that, but it's so dry and the sun comes out and shrinks it down nearly every day. I wonder what the "total" snow fall is...I'd guess around 20 feet or so for the whole winter, perhaps much more.

Anyhow, enough about the weather! I am healing well, having a few health hick-ups this last couple of days, nothing much. Ari has been simply wonderful throughout this whole ordeal. Speaking of how great he is, yesterday was our second anniversary! : ) We had plans for a visit to the hot springs near by, but I had to go to the hospital for a cat scan really early yesterday morning and the hosp. is an hour and a half away, so that took up a lot of time...we are going to go next week and celebrate it then.

Our new kitty is so wonderful...his name is officially Mokee. All of the other names just wouldn't stick, but this one did and he even answers to it, so it MUST be his name! : ) He is about 10 weeks old now, long hair, black/charcoal with lighter gray under his chin and on his tummy. He is one of the special cats in the world...he has a really cool personality. He is super bright and very spastic! (wildly playful) and very cuddly. He loves to sleep with us all night under the covers right in between us. Every so often he yawns and stretches and places his paw ever so gently on my cheeck just to say hi and I love you. ( Awwww, am I making anyone sick with all the sappy sweetness?) : ) Ari and I are sooooooo glad that we got Mokee when we did, he is great for company and entertainment, both of which I run a bit short on during the week when Ari is working!

So, that's just about it for the Eddy's...not too terribly much going on around these parts, but we are happy and content and doing well.

Much love, Kristen

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And there we went! ! ! : )

So, I wanted to let you all know that I am recovering very well. I must say that the difference between this surgery and the last one has been night and day. I am doing so much better. I still have my limits... I still need help putting on anything that goes either over my feet or on my feet, if you get my drift!? Ari has been so wonderfully supportive and helpful and he's been a HUGE refuge to me during the really gut wrenching times. For the first two days, the nurses had mixed up the doctor's orders and they were forgetting to give me my regular everyday meds, because I have been on 45 MG of time released pain meds every eight hours, and now I was getting only one to five MG of it every few hours...Needless to say, I was in excruciating, unbearable, and copious amounts of pain.

The first night was the worst of all. All I could do was scream in agony. Poor Ari was staying with me and he didn't know what to do. I was in really bad shape because my pain levels were through the roof! One fairly patronizing nurse asked me if I had any kids...and between my screams of anguish, I told her "not yet." She the glibly replied, "well then, after this, child birth will be nothing." If I wasn't a Christian, I think that I would have seriously considered kicking her or something. : ) There were a couple of times, I have been told, that my body was trying to give up on it's responsibilities. You know, the little things like breathing and the whole circulatory system thing'y that works with your heart and stuff. : ) At one point I must have had five to eight doctors and nurses working on me trying to get me to breathe and asking me really tough questions like; "Kristen, what's your name?" And, "Kristen, do you know where you are right now?" I asked her what she ment, because the question seemed so stupid to me. Of course I KNOW where I am! You people just cut a GIANT hole in my back, cut MY bone and disc and replaced those with these ENORMOUS bars and exceptionally large screws along with something you call "Bone Matrix." Of course I know where I am, I'm in the St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, CO. but I really wish that I were not. : ) I think that my body was in some very serious shock from the pain. I quit breathing and my heart rate dropped along with my blood pressure. I hear that that is not a very good thing to have all three of those things going all kattywhampus. Needless to say, I pulled through. : )

In the middle of the second night in the hospital, my Super Nice and Sweet nurse discovered the COLOSSAL mistake they had been making--forgetting my pain meds and all--and she made it all better. From then on everything was great and I have been getting better and better. I can walk about a half mile with my walker. As my Cousin Emily says, "She's going like gang-busters on that thing!"

The worst thing in this all is that my Dad accidentally let Jack our cat out and he ran away and he hasn't come back. His description and our phone number have been left at every vet's office I could find in the surrounding areas, and we posted his picture, description, our number, and in very large and bold print, we had written "CASH REWARD." These were laminated and stuck to every sign post, mail box and anything else that would stand still. And we also put all of that in the local paper. Several people called, one to tell us that she saw what she thought looked like our cat squashed all over the highway...nice. Luckily, it is nearly impossible that Jack could have made it all the way out there, never the less, we went out to make sure, and it wasn't him...but golly gee, thanks for the phone call! NOT! Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. My Dad also put a scrape on our new Honda Pilot and, of course, the scrape had to be across multiple panels that, of course, all need replacing.

God has given me the grace to let it go. Without God's grace, I think I would be feeling a little bit of anger toward my Dad right about now. I am working to stay WAAAAAAY far away from the self-pity and blame games. In the midst of it ALL, I can still say, and with an honest heart, that God is Good and that I really do have Hope. My Jesus is all my Hope and Stay. I have found Ps. 42 very timely and encouraging. I always follow that one up with Ps. 103. They go really well together when you are going through tough times.

Well, last Wednesday we made the trip back home, so now we are in Telluride again. My dear sweet Sister Jessica came up and stayed until yesterday to help was great to have her here! We drove Jessica down to Fruita/Grand Junction back to her car, and then Ari and I stayed the night and on our way home tonight, we stopped by PetCo and we ended up coming home with a kitten play mate for Jack when he does finally make it home. This new kitty is about eight to nine weeks old and he is super cute. He's sort of charcoal colored. He is long haired and his coloring goes from really dark gray on his back to a lighter gray on his tummy. As far as we know, we have named him Saki...Not after the rice alcohol they serve with Chinese food, but after Ari's cousins in Greece. He has too cousins named Saki and I really think it fits this little guy.

Well, that's all for now. Again, thank you so much for your prayers...I have NO question that I am doing so well because of your love and prayers. Please keep 'em coming!

Love you,
Kristen Fairlight Eddy