Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our New Home

The kitchen

Our giant bedroom! Seriously, it's just doesn't translate to film well. : )

This is our master bath...yeah baby!!! I LOVE our tub!!! Again, it is really big, it just isn't looking that way here.
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Our New Home!

This is the entrance to our town house..."Casa Blanca".
This is the courtyard out side our door...
Here is our living really looks a lot smaller in pictures than it is in real life!
This is our fire place in our living room...we have yet to use it, I think that we are too busy to worry about cleaning it out later! : )
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Officer of the Year!!!

Ari was recently awarded the Officer of the Year for his "exceptional service to victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault" in all of San Miguel County, Colorado!!! He was giving this trophy/award...usually they host a dinner in his honor, but since we had already moved...they just sent him the award. I am so proud of my husband and I am so glad that others recognize how wonderful and hardworking his is. Congratulations Ari, you most certainly deserve it!!!
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas Every One!!!

I promise to up date this blog very soon...I cannot find our camera and it has a bunch of pictures that I have been waiting to post, so hopefully it will show up soon and I can put some pictures up for you to enjoy. : )

Ari was doing some reading for a history class, and this little poem made us both I thought that we would share it with all of you, it is quite beautiful.

The joy, the triumph, the delight, the madness!
The boundless, overflowing, bursting gladness,
The vaporous exultation not to be confined!
Ha! Ha! The animation of delight
Which wraps me, like an atmosphere of light,
And bears me as a cloud is borne by its own wind.

Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)

Have a very Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year!