Thursday, March 08, 2007

A New Post for a New Day!!!

Hello All,

How are you all doing out there in bloggerland? I have been inexcusibly abscent from the blog world as of late, apologies all.

Ari and I are doing well!!! Hallelujah! I have been feeling better and better each day and gaining energy as well. It's amazing how much you can miss something like having energy! I suppose the old adage is apropo, "you don't know what you've got til it's gone!" : ) It has been nice to be regaining some sense of normalicy in our lives. Ari has been such a wonderfully understanding, patient and caring husband. I couldn't have ordered a better husband. You know what I mean, if I had ordered a husband built to my specifications, I don't think that he could even hold a candle to my Ari. : ) Okay, if you stop gagging, I will stop gushing! : )

We are heading into an extra long weekend for Ari and we are planning a trip down to Fruita/Grand Junction for three days and two nights of R & R. My parent's have suddenly and recently sold their beautiful home in Fruita and moved out to the country on a 40 acre farm on the mesa Monument just above Fruita, CO. and Ari and I have not seen it yet. We are going to visit them and check out their new digs, as well as meet their newest addition to our family; a nine week old Aussie puppy named Zoey! We are also looking forward to seeing a movie in an actual, real-live theater! (We don't have one with in a hundred miles of where we live.) And, there is an actual real-live shopping mall there too!!! : ) (I know that I am excited by the prospect of shopping, but I can guess Ari is a little less so.) Oh well, it is going to be really nice to get away, get out of dodge if you will and have a big change of pace.

Soon, we are hoping to have Ari's brother Amar come and live with us for a while...he'll probably get here late March, early April. We are both really looking forward to having Amar stay with us, and it will be really good for Amar to get out of L.A. and get a fresh start far away from all of the things that one gets tangled up in and that have a way of keeping one from growing and moving forward. Also, Leah S. might be able to fly up and spend some time with me!!! I must admit that I am WAY more excited to get my Leah, but that's because she is my second oldest friend and I have not seen her for nearly three years. Plus, Amar isn't really into letting me do his hair and make up and he never lets me borrow his clothes! : )

Also, we are flying up to the NW, for sure this time, for Ari's best friend's wedding in Pendleton, OR. Some of you may remember Joseph form our wedding, he was a groom's man; He is a quiet guy with dark brown curly hair and he is a youth pastor up there in Pendleton. Anyway, he's getting married on April 14th, so we will fly in to PDX sometime a few days before the wedding. We will be staying with my Uncle Scotty, (I can't wait!) for a few days after the wedding and visiting our friends and family. We are also planning for a few days at the beach!!! I am so looking forward to that time, I can hardly stand to wait for it to get here! Well, it's bed time for Francis!

Good night All,


P.S. It's really waaaay past my bedtime and I didn't proof-read this, so please excuse any typos you my encounter. I promise to proof it and ammend any errors with in the next day or two!