Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hallelujah Glory!

So, I am beginning to feel well for a change, thank God and thank you for your prayers. I have had seven whole days of feeling better! Ari and I went down to Grand Junction to visit my family and to do some shopping and I got sick for a couple of days after we got home, but we had just bought a brand new recliner for me to lounge in, so it makes being sick all that much more bearable! : ) We had a lot of fun shopping this last weekend, we both got several new outfits. You know how it is when you get lots of great new cloths? You want to change your cloths a couple of times a day and go places just so that you can wear your new outfits?! : ) Well, at least that's how I am. : ) It kinda stinks when you feel so lousey the best you can do is to wear cute pj's.

I don't think that I said anything on the blog to you guys about any of this, but Ari's dad recently recontacted him after several years. Ari lost touch of his dad when he was about 3ish and then they met eachother when Ari was a freshman in collage. They stayed in-touch for a year or so, and they things sort of fell apart, they both moved, etc...we tried to locate his dad when we got engaged and then again when we got married and a few times here and there with out success and then Richard called Ari out of the blue in March. It was a very nice surprise to hear from him. He is living in FL with his wife and his twin daughters. (He also has a son 18 and a daughter 21 from another marriage.) The first time Richard called, he and Ari spoke for over an hour. Ari came home for his lunch break talking on his cell phone, when he walked in the door he motioned me to be quiet and mouthed the he was speaking with his dad. I dumbly nodded my head and then quickly did a double take and I must have asked him to repeat himself three time, all in mouthed whispers of course. We must have looked like some freaky over-dramatic mimes! Anyway, once it finally hit me that it was HIS dad, his REAL dad, I realized that he needed his space to talk and he didn't need me breathing down his neck or trying to listen in or asking questions, which is of course what I was dying to I tried to sit on the couch and watch t.v., I tried to read, to knit, to pet the cat, I went to the bed room and sat on the bed for a minute and I finally gave in and had to pace the living room. After what seemed like an eternity, Ari was wrapping up the phone call and just then some one knocked on our door. It was our next door neighbor and fellow police officer, Dan. I quickly explained the situation to him and he said o.k., he was just stopping by to see how Ari liked the duck dinner he had made for him. (Dan had made us a delicious dinner of duck that night. We often cook for one another around here, it's great!) So, Dan stayed the entire lunch break and talked about anything and everything-ELSE! I was dying to know what was up with Ari and his dad, etc...and here was our neighbor, who ment well and is the nicest guy you would ever care to meet, talking about hunting and how to properly prepare game meats! Aaahhhhh! As it turns out, Ari was a little too shell-shocked to put much into words at the time anyway, so I wasn't missing that much, but sheesh! Finally lunch was over and everyone left. I called Ari on his cell and asked how he was doing and how the phone call went, he said "wow, uh, wow." Later on he said that they caught up and that things were really good and that it was great to get back in touch with his dad. They have been staying in contact and plan on continuing to do so. We are hoping to be able to go down to Florida for a visit maybe at the end of Summer.

By the by, now that I wrote about putting Greece off and going to Hawaii, I have had major second thoughts about it, plus we just got Greek language cd's and we are learning Greek! I know, I know...Poor, poor baby! What an awful problem to have! : ) How dare I whine about where to go for vacation. I honestly can't believe that I have this dilemma. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever get to go to Greece for real, and now I actually get to go back! We are very blessed.

Love you all