Monday, September 11, 2006

Here We Go

Today's the day! Here we were this morning and we were all ready to go, nearly ready to walk out the door for the hospital and I got a call telling me they had had and emergency come in and asked if I could post-pone coming in until 11 a.m. I don't know what time that puts the actual surgery at, but I guess we'll just roll with it. Sort of unbelievably, I slept quite well last night, after I finally fell asleep that is! I couldn't sleep until after 4 a.m. Nerves I guess. I am feeling pretty good this morning, not too horribly freaked out...perhaps I got that out of my system these last few days. Gosh! I sure wish that I would have known about the post-ponement, I would have slept in an hour and a half longer! : )

I love you all and I thank you for your prayers...this is where they really kick in, the recovery time. Talk to you soon, Kristen Fairlight

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Gearing up

Today has been the most difficult so far. I splept alright last night, but I kept on waking up from these aweful dreams. I cannot remember any of them now, but I still remember the way that they made me feel. I am sure I am not alone here! There have to be people out there who can't neccessaraly remember their dreams, but they are left with the feelings from the dream. Anywho, I have had a fairly constant set of butterflies in my stomache...I know, I know, "I just have to get them to fly in formation." Blech. (That's what I have to say to all of that sap!) : ) I am all packed up and ready to drive down to my folk's house today with Ari. By the way, he has been more that wonderful to me...we did go to the Weisbaden hot springs/spa on Friday and I got a one hour massage....Yummie. That's all I have to say about that! : ) I wish that I had a messeur on-call, 24 hours a day...I guess that's something to keep on the list of things we will get when we are super rich! : ) Hee hee!

Ari and I leave here at 3 p.m.ish and will be arriving in Fruita around 6 p.m. where we will spend the night, attempt to sleep. We are bringing down Jack, our cat and we are also taking my special new recliner for me to recover in at my Parent's. On monday we head for hospital around 9:30ish to get there by 10 a.m. There we will get all checked in, get an I.V. started, have one last meeting with my surgeon and a meeting with the anesthatist who will be taking me, my whole life into his hands! I hope that this anesthatist is the best anesthesiologist EVER! : )

Today really has been the hardest day with the challenge for me to continually roll my cares on the Lord. I think that I did a fairly good job staying busy and at the same time, allowing myself to feel the things that I am feeling. I get really good at stuffing things like this, and putting on a brave face. I know that is one of the least healthy ways of dealing with situations like this, so I am trying to be aware of it and when I feel myself going there, I stop and give it all back to God. I really don't know what I would do with out the Lord. ("What would I do without the Lord? What would do without the Lord on my side? What would I do without His hand to guide me?....He stops by every now and then and He blesses me, He blesses me, Oh Yes!) : ) (That was a throw-back to the 1996 M.C. choir. Boy did we rock that song!) Seriously now, it sincerely baffles me, no, it grieves me that people live through horrendeous circumstances and situations and they have to do it all by them God. For me, that could never be possible. I love my Lord and Jesus is ALIVE! That concept/revelation that my God is living and active in all of our lives has been huge for me lately. What great hope we have been given. My living God desires to have a close relationship with us all, the Almighty, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords loves me, has plans for me...a future for me...a destiny-the thing that I was created to be and do! I am going to miss being here for the bible studies, I think that will be part of my motivation to get well as soon as possible.

For those of you out there who know who my Uncle Scotty VanDusen is, it's his birthday today! (I guess technically, it's no longer his birthday because it's 7:17 in the morning, but to Ari and I, it's still Saturday. See, we haven't gone to bed yet! : ) I am getting tired, finally! I hope that my Uncle Scotty had the best birthday yet and, simply because it must be said; I am glad that he was born and I love it that we each have a day set aside once a year just to celebrate being the very best You that you can be. Also, I think that he does a great job being who he is...the world we live in is a better place because he is in it! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTTY!!!

Alright, I am done with all of the mushy stuff....I can't help it guys, I love my family! : ) I guess that I don't really have much more to say, so I will close this entry saying that I love you all very much, you have all touched my life in very different and unique ways and I am forever changed by it, for the better.

Many Blessings,
Kristen Fairlight Eddy

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday P.M.

So, it's T-Minus Four days and counting, believe you me! : ) I am doing well, I am still sleeping through the night, but I must admit that the anxiety increases a little bit each day. I am so excited for tomorrow...I guess I should start with tonight though...We are going to bible study tonight and I always look forward to that. I just love the fellowship and the worship, etc... and TOMORROW! Duhnt-ta-daaaah! Ari and I are driving to the other side of our Mt. range, about an hour's drive, to Ouray. Ouray, pronounced "Youray", is a tiny mining town with wonderful natural hot springs and we are going to my favorite place called the Weisbadden. It's an old mining house (that actually functioned as a brothel back in the day.) The house itself is built directly over a hot spring and there is a cave deep beneath the house that they call the vapor totally looks like something a Hobbit would live in...and there is a soaking pool inside the cave. It's really cool, I am certain that this is losing something in the description here, but for those of you who have been there, you know! : ) (Robin W., Jessica & Rob, Seth, Mom & Dad, Em, Olivia & Jed, Uncle Dan & Vik, et al) It is one of THE most relaxing place. There is also a private out door soaking pool with spectacular views AND, the best part of all of this is that I get to have A ONE HOUR MASSAGE!!! : ) Whoopie! Woo Hoo! and Yee Haw! I am so excited to relaxe and be spoiled. Aaaaah.

So, that's the news from Lake Woebegone...or, from me anyway. : ) Ari and I are going to drive down to Fruita/Grand Junction/my Parent's house on Sunday, spend the night there and check into the hosp. at 10 a.m.-ish...the surgery is scheduled for 2ish and should last from four to six hours. I will be in hospital for the next four days or so depending on how I am doing. The hospital is called St. Mary's and it is in Grand Junction, CO. just incase you were wondering. : ) Also, I will be spending the following two weeks at my Parent's home, and then I should be able to come home some time around the last week of Sept./first week of Oct. We'll keep you posted.

Well, that's all for me...we're off to church. See ya later alligator

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hello Out There!

I know that Sabrina and Leah S. have excuses for not posting, or even checking their blogs, but what's up with the rest of you? I know, I know; Life. Simple as that. Summer is coming to a close and you want to make the most of it. Summer is coming to a close and you are running all over town getting all of the required school supplies and new school clothes. Summer is coming to a close and you are feeling lazy, just because you can be. Well, more power to you, that's what I have to say for all of that! : )

I was going to try to lay a slight guilt trip on you, but then I realized that life really is enough to keep you busy, occupied and even overwhelmed. So, allow me to beg your forgiveness for trying to make you feel badly for not being blog-active. At times I have been amoung the worst offenders! : ) (O.k., I think that the Carmichael's take the cake on that one, but you know what I mean!) Oops, there I go again, trying to make someone feel badly. Sorry! : )

Alright, that's all for now. I am afraid that if I keep typing I am going to be shoving the perverbial foot in my mouth. Love you all, and I really do mean it, enjoy the last little bit of summer. Be lazy, be busy with back to school preparations and love every minute of it. Life goes by so quickly, it's way too easy to miss it just existing, you gotta live it!

love, Kristen

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Giving Blood

Donating blood is NOT fun! I went to donate blood to have in the bank for my self and wasn't able to do it on Thurs. They had to verify the meds I take and make sure that I was healthy enough to donate and apparntly, the guy who does that had left for the night. So, I ended up staying the night at my parent's, (Ari drove home because he had to work today, Friday,) and my dad drove me over to the hospital so that I could donate today. They used a GIANT needle and had to stick me three times before they got a "good flow." Yum. : )

Tonight my mom drove me home and she is sleeping over and leaving tomorrow morning. I am feeling really tired and I am not enjoying being alone with my thoughts. It's really hard and really scary to go into something you've done before and bearly made it through. I am trying really hard to trust and rest in the Lord and not think/worry about all of the pain and suffering that is ahead of me.