Monday, November 27, 2006

My Dad and Uncle Dan

Uncle Dan is on the Dad is in the beard! I don't think he's had a beard in over ten years...he's looking rather dapper, if I do say so myself! : ) Posted by Picasa

Here's One of the Cutest Pic from Thanksgiving

Emily and Olivia at Thanksgiving dinner...isn't Olivia a complete doll!?! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday to Nearly Half of My Address Book!!!

Say, Happy Thanksgiving!!! Happy Birthday to: Emily, Pastor Scott, Robin, Lynne J., Amar and Rob...(some of my most favorite people in the world! And, they all happen to have birthday's withing a month of eachother!)

O.k., now that the birthday shout out is over, I am sorry that we haven't been on here in a few...our lap top has been off line for some inexplicable reason...and, I am so lazy that I didn't go the eight feet from my recliner to the computer desk and post on it! Well, to be quite honest, it was a combination of laziness and my back has been hurting a lot more since Thanksgiving...I think I over-did it making a giant batch of mashed potatos, a green salad and giving my (nearly bald) Dad a hair cut! Sheesh, that's sad! (Not that my Dad is nearly bald, the fact that those three fairly simple tasks were enough to put me out of commission for a few.) : )

Ari has been having to work an extra day a week for the past few weeks to cover for a co-worker. Thankfully he had Thanksgiving off this year! This is the first time in the three years at this dept. that he has had a holiday off, it's about time!

My family all met in Fruita, CO where my Parents and my Aunt and Uncle and my Grandmother all live...My Sister and Husband live two hours away, in Moab, UT, my Cousin Emily, her daughter and Em's new fiance' live ten minutes away in Grand Junction, CO and Ari and I are three hours away in the Mountains. So, the majority of our fam. converged on my Aunt and Uncle's house and enjoyed a very nice dinner and very pleasant conversation. We were all very thankful! : )

Nothing much to report...we have gotten a little more snow this last week, but it's still not enough! You might think that I'd have my fill of snow by now, living in the Rockies and all. I am a total snow junkie - always have been. So far we have only had enough to open the very top ski runs, way up above 10,000 feet elevation. We live at about 9,200 ft., smack-dab in the middle of a ski resort. It was a HUGE adjustment moving up here from sea level, let me tell you! Truthfully, we moved from sea level to around 5,000 ft. and lived there for a year before we sojourned up to these lofty heights, but it still kicked our butts. Ari lived up here about five months before I did, since his job began before we were married. Every time I would come up for a visit I would get really bad head aches, nose bleeds, and just walking from the room to room would leave us a bit out of breath! The air is a whole lot thinner up here and it actually makes people sick enough to have to go to the hospital! (Visiters.) Living at a high elevation effects metabolism enough to make Colorado the thinnest State, and it's been reported that the higher you live, the lower birth weights are for your babies. Crazy, huh?

Well, like I said, there really isn't much new around here...We are hoping to get our Christmas tree this week! : ) I can't wait, I completely love decorating the tree and the house, and I love the way a pine tree makes the whole house smell so good! Usually, we get our tree on the way home from Thanksgiving, but we had a very full car with all our left-overs...yum. : ) I'm kidding.

I will try to get some pictures up soon! Love you all and we wish you all very happy holidays!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Isn't it Ironic, don'tcha think?

I took these pics in L.A. in the middle of a very industrial area...I thought that the irony was quite thick; First of all, the whole "Keeping it Real" phrase was histerical, but then you add on the statement, "From the 'Family Farm' to the Family Table" with the whole thing being viewed through, not only chain link fence, but chain link fence topped with barbed wire!!! Mmmmmm...can't you just taste the wholesome goodness despite the enveloping polluted chemical fog? : )Keep in mind that this billboard is located in the heart of a very desolate, bleak, dingy, concrete everything, power lines every where and industrial and factory buildings surrounding you as far as the eye can see! Perhaps the irony is more striking to me, having grown up on a farm, milking cows every day...I just hope that the rest of you find this at least slightly amusing too, otherwise I am going to feel just that much weirder for having brought this up! : )
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Farewell to Jack

Jack, we love you and miss you and wish you a very happy life where ever you are. You will forever hold a very special place in our hearts and we'll miss you every day that we are apart. We hope that where ever you ended up, that you are happy and safe and enjoying your sweet little kitty life. May you continue to keep those around you continually entertained. You were a wonderful cat, the best, and I can't believe that we have to say good bye for this life...see you in the next one. We love you. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 12, 2006

You have to check this out!

It's stinking hilarious!!! Go to and then type in the search bar "Dog Shock collar on human man," hit should get a pic of a 20 something man in a white tee with a goatee. Push play and laugh away! I cried, I laughed so hard, enjoy.

Oh So Cute!

Here's our little Mo-Mo snuggling with his teddybear...He's just too dang cute...and yes, we know we need to have a baby - and quick - because this is getting out of control! : ) But he's still super cute. If you look closely, Mokee is giving his bear a kiss in this first pic.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

This is a Happy Birthday message for my sweet cousin Emily...We hope you have a super fun and exciting sure and let me know if you have any NEWS???? Hint-hint... : ) I love you so much and I am so happy for you and for where you are in your life...May God keep right on blessing you the way that He has, and then some!

love, Ari and Kristen

Hee hee hee!

Ari as Deputy James Garcia from the Comedy Central show, Reno 911. For those of you who have seen this show, firstly, I am truely sorry, but secondly; doesn't he look JUST like that guy!?! We got a little crazy while I was giving him a hair cut really late at night, well, actually it was probably like 6ish, a.m., but that IS really late for us. : )
You'll notice the fine touches of the super cheap sunglasses, the camouflage background, the bullet proof vest, being worn ON THE OUTSIDE, and best yet; the requisit "Cop Mustashe!" : ) Posted by Picasa

Mokee the Fruit Bat! : )

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Here they are... two favorite guys! Aren't they sweet and snuggly?! Musta been a lazy Sunday afternoon nap day. Oh, who am I kidding! It was just the other night on Ari's first day off for the week. Most of you who know us, know that we sleep during the day because Ari works nights...and, if I didn't keep the same schedule, I'd hardly ever see him. Not so good for the marriage! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So, the pic is gone now...

Hi Ya'll,

To Sabrina, I don't know if you'll get my comment since I left it under the photo of my scar which I just removed, so here you go; I said, "It's always nice to hear that you look like a giant butt crack!" : ) (For those of you who missed the pic that has been removed, it was of my back, the surgery scar about a week after the surgery.)

So that's about all, I just wanted to reassure those of you who gross out easily, that I am a woman of my word and the photo is gone! Ari is on his second of his three days off of his work week. We have been on a homemade macaroni and cheese kick for days now...we've made two, double batches in two days! What's even worse is that it's all nearly gone! : ) In our defense, we did have company over both nights, so at least we had some help devouring the cheesey goodness. Well, that's all for now...

See you soon, Kristen Fairlight Eddy

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sorry if I've...

...disgusted some of you with that picture. I have promised to remove the picture of my back post-surgery by Oct 8th, so you don't have to look at it forever! : ) I just had a follow up with my surgeon last went okay, I guess. I was a dissappointed by the progress I am making, or lack there of. He took some X-rays and said that he couldn't really tell yet whether or not the bone graft had "taken." The last time I saw my Surgeon he had said that by this appointment I should be far enough along in my recovery that I should start physical such luck. My Dr. didn't say things looked bad, things are just taking more time to heal. Also, there is still the chance that my body could reject the bone transplants, good fun. So, physical therapy is now pushed back another two months and I am still on all the same physical restrictions that I have been on since coming home from the hospital. : (

It has been really hard for me to be patient and to keep being "good" with resting and taking life V E E E E E R R R R R Y Y Y Y slowly. Plus, I feel like everyone is expecting me to be all better by now. "Normal people" need a month to six weeks after a regular surgery and then they are back to their old selves, well not for me. As we all know, I am not "normal people," and I didn't exactly have a regular surgery either. I guess we'll all just have to be patient because it's gonna take me a WHOLE YEAR until I am ready for full duty life. I remember with the last back fusion I had, I tried to return to work and school six months post-surgery and it was way too early. I ended up getting really sick and my back never really got any better...hence this surgery I suppose.

If I had to guess, I would say that I am the one who is expecting me to get better quickly, not the rest of the world. Some how it's easier to allow myself to think the "pressure" to get well quickly is coming from "everyone else," than it is for me to admit that it is o.k. for me to need help and be dependant on others. I have to remember that this is about me not feeling worth being a bother to the people around me. Therefore, I have to hurry up and get better, otherwise people are going to become annoyed with me and won't like me any more. Isn't that stupid?! I guess that that part of my soul that is being saved daily is always in search for my selfworth. (Of course I KNOW where my selfworth comes from, it's just hard to walk it out daily.) I remember during the Search for Selfworth series in M.C., someone said that God would love me just the same if I were a world-wide evangelist, saving thousands of souls, or if all I did for the rest of my life was sit on the couch and eat potato chips. I guess I am putting that statement to the test a little bit! : ) It is harder than you would think to feel valuable when you aren't able to DO anything. I must remember that God creates human BEings, not human Doings. It just goes against everything the world and my head says...So, anyway, that's where I'm at these days. : )

Sometimes I think that this blogging thing is a bit like therapy! : ) Sorry to get a little deep on ya', I know that for the most part, people check blogs for the happy, nice news about their friends and aquintances, but with me, you get the whole enchalada! : )

I hope and pray that everyone of my friends out there in Bloggerland are doing well and enjoying the autumn season. I was so excited for Halloween this tell the truth, I always am...but anyhoo, the past couple of years I would get dressed up and hand out candy to the kids from our apartment building, etc... The first year we lived in a different building and we got several trick or treaters, then we moved. Last year Ari and I both got dress up; he was a Starbucks Barista and I was a Hillbilly in overalls with a straw hat with exaggerated freckles and pig tails...we had two, count 'em, two trick or treaters the whole night, and they came together! : ( So, this year I had a bunch of candy, but I didn't dress up, I just lit some candles in the window to let people know we were home, etc...NOT ONE STINKING KID THE WHOLE STINKING NIGHT!!!!! Not even our faithful stand-by neighbor girls. Boy did they miss out, the Snickers bars were delicious this year! : ) Of course the Snickers bars are nearly gone already!

Well, that's enough outta me... As I was saying, I hope and pray that all of my dear friends out there in Bloggerland are doing well and enjoying this autumn season! It's always been my favorite time of year. I love it when it's super clear and sunny, but cold and really windy with leaves dancing on the breeze. I always feel so alive inside on days like that.

All My Heart, Kristen Fairlight Eddy