Tuesday, June 24, 2008

With Out Further Ado:

Life has been anything but dull as of late, we have tons of news to share with you all.


1) After a lot of prayer, etc…Ari and I have decided to move to L.A. the end of this September so that he can go back to school. I know, I know! There’s a bomb to drop, but wait, it gets better! : ) Ari will be attending L.A. Film School to receive a two year degree in one year for directing and screenwriting. I will be working and supporting us while he is in school. I already have a job waiting for me that provides enough for us to live on and health insurance. We will live in the Redondo Beach area and we plan on being in L.A. for two to three years. I must say that I am really excited to be on a day-time schedule again, to be a part of society on a daily basis and to be so close to Ari’s family…and to Disneyland!!! We are going to be getting annual passes for sure! : ) God has provided everything we felt “needed” to be taken care of before we could even consider taking this HUGE step, and He did it in about two days. It was really quite amazing to see all of the doors flying open for us to follow a life-long dream and a talent. This is one of those things that we would seriously regret not doing at the end of our lives and there is no time like the present!


2) This one is sort of “out of the blue;” (Ha ha ha!) I am having a surgery today at the Montrose Memorial Hospital in Montrose, CO. I have a small hernia at the top of my abdominal scar from one of my back surgeries. Anyhow, it has to be fixed a..s.a.p., and certainly before I get preggers, so today’s the day. Honestly, I just found out that it was scheduled for today, yesterday. I should be able to come home tonight, but it’s a wait a see sort of thing. I may end up staying one night. The surgery is going to be at 2:30 p.m. and it shouldn’t last more than two hours-ish, and I will have about a two week recovery, so it’s really not that bad. My sister Jessica is here to help take very good care of me. : )


3) Last but not least! I found out that I required surgery on Tuesday the 17th when I met with the Surgeon. I left the doctor’s office and was driving to the pharmacy looking for a place to park, seeing none available on my side of the street, I went to drive around the block and park on the other side of the street. I was stopped at the intersection waiting for pedestrians to exit the crosswalk with my blinker on to make a left turn . Then the crosswalk cleared and the traffic cleared so I slowly started to make my turn when out of absolutely no where a guy on a bicycle slammed into the front driver’s side panel directly in front of my door!!! It was one of THE most sickening experiences of my life. I can still see it all happening in slow motion every time I think about it. Amazingly the guy was o.k. He walked away from the accident and refused any medical help. My back got jacked up somewhat due to the impact and the very sudden slam on the breaks, but I will be o.k. after some rest and muscle relaxants. Thank God it wasn’t my fault at all! I was doing everything right and legally. They ticketed the cyclist for speeding and illegally attempting to pass a vehicle in an intersection, etc…and he will be responsible for the repairs to our poor Honda Pilot and subsequent my doctor visit. All in all, it’s been one heck of a ride lately!!! The size of the dent he left in our car is really quite astounding! Especially that he was able to walk away from it! Oiy! It’s been stressful to say the least.

So, this is good bye for now. I promise to keep you all posted on our life as it comes. Generally, the giant lapses in blogging are due to a painfully uneventful period of time, during which there really isn’t anything to report! : ) (I hope that you can relate. Otherwise, how very sad!) : ) To sum up; we won’t be moving until the end of September, and Ari starts his school year the end of October. I am having surgery today, Tuesday, June 24th. And I got into a terrible accident with a guy on a bicycle last week, but it wasn’t my fault, thank God! Oh, and we are both basically o.k. Alrighty then, I guess that about covers it. I hope that you are all well and we miss you and love you.

(I promise that I am doing fine! It's just been stressful the past week or so.)