Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday A.M.

Hi ya'all, how are you getting on these days? I had my MRI on tuesday and I think that I will get the results sometime this afternoon, so I will let you know when I know. This is a very busy season for Ari at work, the festival season is upon us and it will last through September, every weekend! This week is Blue Grass Festival and it goes for five days...there are some pretty big names coming to town and the population here goes from around 3,000 to around 20,000! So, I am preparing to not see him for days on end. I think that I will go and visit Jessica, my sister in Moab.

Other than that, it's pretty much life as usual, I will give you and up-date in a day or so. Love ya!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hi all, I am sorry that it has been so incredibly long since I have up-dated the blog has a way of keeping me busy enough to keep on putting off blogging till later, and then, of course, I forget to. Sorry! : )

My back hasn't been very good lately, my health is about the same. I am having good days most of time, I have more energy now and my head aches have been nearly non-existent. I have an MRI on Weds the 7th for my back...there are some complications with nerves down there...and then I will probably be heading for surgery some time this summer. I will keep you posted on that. I don't know for sure when I will get the results from the MRI back, but I will post as soon as I know.

It has been such a nice spring/summer up here. The last few days it has been in the low 80's and so beautiful. I guess other than the health stuff, the only other new thing is that we have finally FOUND A CHURCH! I called around to the churches in the area one night to listen to messages to see if anyone had evening services. It was about 11:45 p.m. on a Sat, I called the community church and the Pastor just so happened to pick up the machine! I felt so badly that I had bothered him, but as it turns out, it was a really good thing. They didn't have anything about any eve services on the message, but he told me about a bible study every Thurs. night. We have been going for the past month now and it really feels like home. They remind me of CCC back about fifteen years ago. There are a lot of young Christians and a few couples. So far we are loving it and it has been so refreshing and soooooo needed! I feel like we found a fresh waterfall out in the middle of the desert. Thank you Lord!

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Sorry again for taking so long to post something new. I will do my best to get some pics up here in the next week. Love you and miss you all very much.

Lots of love, Kristen