Thursday, November 17, 2005


Wow, I can't believe how quickly time flies seems like only a few years ago when I first met you at Leah and my birthday party when we were turning 19! I guess that was ten years ago! Yikes! : ) And to look back is really an amazing thing; the Lord has blessed us so much, both together as friends and apart in our individual lives. : ) "You do all things well, just look at our lives!" : ) I hope that you have a wonderful birthday-day and a very blessed year. It is my prayer for you that this coming year will be your best year yet! I know that I have already told you this, this birthday, but I am truly glad that you were born, you make the world, and my life much better! So, here's to another great year together! Let's see what adventures the Lord has in store for us. I love you with all of my heart...Happy Birthday! Posted by Picasa

That new car smell!

Finally home with our new car! The drive was soooooo long, but we had fun and we totally LOVE our new car/SUV-thingy! We ended up getting a 2005 Honda Pilot with lether interior, I guess that means we are movin' on up?! : ) We got an incredible deal on it too! Ari's mom's husband helped us out with the deal-brokering...he played two dealerships against one another and got a bid-war was fun to watch, kinda scarry though. It is such a HUGE step to buy a new car. Neither one of us has ever had even close to a new car before, so we are really enjoying it, especially the smell! : ) (Technically, we aren't at OUR house, we are at my parent's, that's why you don't see snow on the ground!) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yep, looks like we are Webberley wanna be's!

This is a really big deal for me! Ari is away for the week for some training on how to interrogate! I think that is so totally BAD! : ) (In a good way if you get me!) : ) But, the really big thing is that when he gets back this weekend, we are driving to L.A. again, but this time it's to trade in our vehicles and get a new one...Yup, I said a new one! I really am totally freaked out by this whole thing...maybe it's just a poverty mentality, maybe it's commen sense...either way, this is a really big step to take, our Parent's are helping us through all of the negotiations, research, etc... and for all of the research that we all have been doing, it actually looks like we can get the best deal this here goes! : ) From the way it looks right now, we will be getting a Honda Pilot, similar to what Chris and Robin used to drive...hee, hee, hee! I promise, we didn't do it on purpose, it's just the best vehicle for the money! : ) Too bad we couldn't have had them at the same time and then we would've been car twins! : ) (Robin, you know what I mean...remember the time that we dressed alike for two weeks strait?) We are such goobs, anything for entertainment!

I am honestlyreally excited for this too. I feel like a little kid or something. This is the biggest purchase, by far, that I/we have ever made. It's gonna be soooo cool to drive something reliable, safe, 4x4 and something that I don't feel just a wee-bit embarassed in. A giant plus is that it will have air conditioning, and for any of you who have ever been near here in summer, CO, Ariz, UT, you get the idea; it's HOT! Also, my faithful truck is a little bit of a hazard up here on these high mountain roads, in the summer on bumps but especially when there is any amount of ice or snow on the ground. Last winter my sister and I got stuck in a small snow storm driving home. What would have been a half-hour, 45 min drive turned into a three and a half hour drive, during which we spun around and did a 180 at least twice! Thank God we made it home, in one piece, well, two technically : )...the fact of the matter is that it is time for us to get a new just scares me a little that it is a brand new one, that's all. I have committed this all to a lot of prayer and thought and I feel o.k. about it, otherwise we wouldn't go ahead with it, but it is still a giant leap! Yippie! Here we go! See you soon my bloggin' buddies!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Seeking the Lord

For serious...When my Parents picked us up at the airport, they took us back to their house to spend the night so that we could rest a little before we drove the three hours back to our house. While we were there, my Dad told Ari that he had a standing offer for a job with the Mesa County Sheriff's Dept. that had been extended to him via a good friend of our family's who is a Sergeant with them. That guy's name is Wayne, and he is also my Parent's home group leader. He and his wife prayed a lot for us while we were still living in WA that the Lord would bring us down and get Ari into police academy, and into a job. They were also very helpful to Ari whenever he had questions and served as a reference on Ari's resume'. So, needless to say, these are really good people. At any rate, we would be living in the same town as my Parent's again, which means that we would be no more than five minutes from their home no matter where we end up living! Plus, (and this is a HUGE plus) we would be close to our old church again! Yea! : ) The other benefit is that Ari and I both would have friends again and I could work if I wanted to, or whatever... ; ) So, as you can see, this is a lot to pray about.

As for where we are now in Telluride, we don't have a church, we don't have any friends, we don't have any sense of community or belonging...basically, the only thing keeping us here is Ari's job, and the fact that this is where God brought us a year and a half ago. When we came back from our vacation we came home to some unpleasant things and we both kinda got the feeling that it may be time to "shake the dust off our feet" on our way out. Ari's job is very stressful here. (we know that it will be that way anywhere, it's just the nature of the job.) He is working 4 out of 4 days with the most difficult and frustrating superviser, and he has pretty much done all of the growing that he can do at this department, as far as continuing ed, work experience and that sort of thing ...The negatives are that we would go down in pay by a few thou a year, and it never feels good to leave a job, no matter how hard it is.

The only reason that we haven't taken off for Grand Junction yesterday is that we are waiting on the Lord for clear confirmation and direction. The one thing that we have here, the one thing that has kept us here over the years has been that we know that we know that we know that God brought us here for Ari to get his foot in the door with police work. And, we both refuse to leave with out having that...we refuse to live with out being able to come back to that...that we know we were called know? Neither one of us are willing to live without that certanty and security. There have been many days that I have fallen back on that, and I am not foolish enough to think that there won't be times like that in the future, no matter where we are.

So pray, please pray. I know that ultimately we both want to move back to the Camas area, and to complicate matters a bit, that police department is agressively highering too...We have some tuff decisions ahead of us. The other thing that we know is that God brought us first and foremost to Grand Junction/Fruita to do some work in our family, and I don't know that I feel that is complete yet. I just don't feel a release from whatever God is doing with the Upson clan. Pray, please pray! I am getting a headache just writing about it. : ) For now, only God knows, and He's not telling! At least not yet anyway! : )

Much love to you all

Seeking the uniform!

I thought that I would post this pic of Ari in uniform as a reminder to you to pray for us as we are considering a job offer in the County that my Parent's live in. I will fill you in on more later!P.S. Ari hates this pic! He had just gotten home from work and was tired, but I had to get a pic of him in uniform to take with us to Greece to give to some family members. Poor guy! : )Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 03, 2005

You all totally Rock!

Thank you for pandering to my bored and lonely "need" for comments! : ) I sure got a great response, thanks to my wonderful friends... See what asking directly can do for you?! : ) For all of you MC'ers out there, we learned about that in " Telling Eachother the Truth", by William Backus...great book by the way, for those of you who haven't yet read it. : ) Speaking of that book; I was just laughing to myself thinking about the little discussion time we had in class my year where Leah and I were giving examples of how we had communicated indirectly while we were room mates in Washougal! It didn't go over too well between Leah and I at the time, but what a funny memory! (Leah, it was the dishes episode, need I say more?) I love you Wee Wee...the next time we lived together was soooooo much better! (Post MC.) : )

Well, that's all for now, just wanted to say thank you and goodnight! I am so totally tired right now...I have been on a rampage cleaning around my house today. I completely sterilized my entire bathroom, swept and mopped all of the floors in the apartment and now I have a chicken roasting in the oven for dinner, if you can call it dinner. Ari is on night shift again, so our "dinner" is served around 11pm! What a weird life we live! We go to bed around 3 -5am. I am forever trying to get to bed earlier, but even when I do, I cannot sleep until I know that Ari is home, safe and sound...and when he comes home at 3, he wakes me up to let me know he's home, then he stays up until 5 when he is officially off duty. (He is on-call from 3 to 5 am, so he stays in uniform just in case he gets called out.) Yuck. Lately, we have been getting up around 11 am...which is really good. We had gotten to the point before we left for our vacation that we were sleeping until 3 pm at the latest! Isn't that disgusting?! (If you think about it, it is really only 10 hours of sleep.) Hee hee. That is still pretty bad. : )

Enough dirty laundry here, I am done confessing. : ) Have a great night all ya' all out there in bloggerland. Much Love!

Hint, hint! : )

Hey all ya' all out there in bloggerland! I just thought that I would beg you to leave me some comments on the photos...anything, please! Just so you know, I live for comments on my should see me when I am logging on and scrolling down, searching for something, anything...anticipation written all over my face! : )

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More pictures

Sorry for all of the pictures, it's just that we saw so many amazing things and I really want to share it all with you...if it is boring, just skip over them! : )

Ari and I settling slowly back into the rutine of life here...he's back to work and I am back to laundry, housekeeping and cooking dinner, etc... It kind of feels good to be home, but I could just as easily be back in Athens at our lovely flat enjoying a cup of Nescafe' on our little roof-top. I think that I actually miss it. Yesterday I was doing laundry downstairs in our laundry mat and I ran into one of our neighbors who only speaks Spanish...usually I can speak enough to get me by, to where they usually get the gist of what I am saying...anyhoo, I kept trying to talk to her, but it kept coming out in Greek instead of Spanish! I could not, for the life of me, make my brain switch over! I felt bad because my sweet little Maria had no clue what I was trying to tell her. Oh well. : )

Enjoy the pics!

The End... Posted by Picasa

Here is Uncle Panthelis a.k.a. George, cooking up our meal with sweet Max the dog, looking on longingly...he's thinking "if only I could get close enough!" Posted by Picasa

Look how happy everyone is! This is the place of the feast! Posted by Picasa

This is us driving with Nikitas into Old Town Rhodes...these are the walls that they live in! Posted by Picasa

Robin, here are your pomegranits! I wishes so badly that I could send some home to you! Posted by Picasa

Wow! Athens is HUGE! Posted by Picasa

This is our tiny car...believe it or not, we all fit! Posted by Picasa

Here is Rob enjoying a swim at our hotel on the Island of he swum by he was waving at Jess and I like the beauty queen that he is! : ) Posted by Picasa

Jessie and I in fron of the Parthenon Posted by Picasa

Ari and I in front of the Parthenon Posted by Picasa

This is a better pic of the Parthenon up on top there, I wish that I knew what the name for all of the arches was...sorry. : ) Posted by Picasa

This is the remainder of the statue of the winged goddess Nike...I wish it showed more was glorious. This pic is from inside the Acropolis. Posted by Picasa

Here I am amidst ruins from centuries can almost see the street level above my head...I am standing in ancient Greece, the "new" city has just built on top of the old one. Posted by Picasa