Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cute Pics of Us Recovering from Our Respective Surgeries!

Here I am in the hospital following my surgery in June...I had Eeyore with me through the whole surgery and when I woke up I found him dressed like this by the nurses...apparently he assisted in the surgery!!! : ) By the way, I am nearly completely recovered, if I over do things I can still tell, but I am basically back to normal.
Here is poor Ari the day he came home from the hospital...I got him this stuffed dog to help him recover and he named him Reussoux, (pronounced "Roo-so," it's a french name so I'm guessing that I spelled it correctly.) : )
Mokee has been keeping Ari company around the clock...he's so attentive to us when we aren't feeling well. He ALWAYS sleeps with me in a little bed between Ari and my pillows, but he hasn't missed one night with Ari in the recliner...I think he's on guard duty! : )
Here he is taking a nap during the day when I was up to watch over Ari, he deserves a break, he's been so loyally loving as Ari is recovering.

It has been a brutal recovery for poor Ari-O. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed, the tissue that swells up and makes our noses stuffy was cauterized to shrink it and to repair his deviated septum, they chiseled out the bone to make a proper airway, OUCHY!!! We've subsequently learned that having your tonsils removed as an adult is one of the worst things you can do to yourself! (Oooops.) Ari has been in severe pain since the surgery on the 6th, and the pain meds made him sick to his stomach, so he's been unable to eat much and throwing up whatever he manages to get down, the poor guy. Can you imagine how unbelievably painful it must be to have the raw throat where your tonsils used to be and then throwing up!?! We saw the doc this afternoon and they gave him two I.V.'s to rehydrate him, some anti-nausea meds and some anti-inflammatory meds to help control the pain. He is feeling better tonight, thank You Jesus!!!, and he has been able to eat, and keep down a few things. Yay! I think that this might be the turn of the proverbial corner that we've be anxiously praying and waiting to turn. We both sincerely hope so, that is for sure! Thank you to all of you who have been keeping us in prayer, we sure do appreciate it very much and we've needed them desperately.

Otherwise, uhhh, well, this has pretty much been an all-consuming experience, so there really hasn't been much else going on. We've been on a hiatus of sorts waiting this recovery thing out. Ari is scheduled to return to work this coming Saturday, but we will wait and see how he is feeling. We have some super cool new neighbors, they moved in across from us about two weeks ago. They are a married couple about our age with an 18 month old son named Stone, their names are Shirl and Jason. Shirl and I have hit it off quite well and we've been hanging out nearly every day taking walks with her baby, chatting and sharing our favorite things...basically enjoying getting to know one another. It's really nice to have some friends, FINALLY! : ) It just stinks that it's taken this long to find some quality people, and now we are moving at the end of September. : (

~The other fun thing is that it's Bear Season around here! I swear that I'm the super bear detecting girl wonder!!! I have seen a couple of different bears every night for the past couple of weeks, usually they are breaking into the garbage shed scrounging for tasty treats. Tonight I caught the really big bear breaking into the shed through the little two-by-two ft. door on the side of the shed. The little doors are for easy access for humans to use to toss their garbage into through, but the bear has figured out how to open the latch, and tonight he actually jumped into the shed through it! The doors are rigged to spring shut immediately after you let go, so it snapped shut on him and I thought that he was going to be trapped in there and freak out, but just as the door shut a truck drove by and the bear jumped out backward just in time! It's been pretty cool to watch the bears from a safe distance! : ) I guess that this weekend one of the smaller bears was on the stair of our building halfway between floors two and three, we are on the third floor, so it was VERY close to our door! I'm just glad that I wasn't the one who walked around the corner and got scared half-to-death! It just so happened to be our neighbor, a police officer and he just so happened to have a shotgun with rubber pellets in his hand...I guess he had to shoot the bear in the butt to get it to leave! (Remember, these are just rubber pellets, so no harm done.)

Well, that's all folks!!! Hope that you are all doing well...we miss you and love you!
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