Saturday, June 23, 2007

Here's a great example to see just how bored I've been

Poor, poor Mokee! I really did get bored enough to torture my cat and put him in a dress.

I love his expression here, you can totally see just how thrilled he really is to be wearing my old baby dress! : )
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Twilight, dawn over the Rockies

Of Course these don't quite translate the majesty of the morning, But you can at least see what I was attempting to describe
For some reason, I couldn't find the right mode on our camera to capture what it REALLY looked like, but these work.
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What!?! A New Post on the Eddy's Site????

Yeah, I know it's been a very long time, and I really am sorry!

Ari is working hard this week and weekend, we have a giant festival in town with all sorts of people coming and camping out for the fest, parking all over the place and basically swarming our small town. The population grows from two thousand to 15 to 20,000 people. I pretty much hole-up in our house and lie low, going out in public only when necessary. Poor Ari isn't so lucky. He has to work a lot of over-time this week during a grave-yard shift...Now he goes to work at Nine p.m. and gets home at 7 a.m. I miss him, a lot! He doesn't even get a "lunch" break to come home for dinner with me, we are lucky to get in one phone call! : ( I think his top stats are six arrest in one shift, (that may not seem like a lot for you, but for our little town, and during this festival season there are at least 30+ additional officers who come in from surrounding communities to help work during the biggest festivals). So, with everyone else getting several arrests a night, it's right crazy-busy! I will be glad when this week/weekend is over!!! Up here, literally all summer long, every week is some new festival; music, film and otherwise, and then they manage to make the weekends a different festival. Needless to say, the festival season is jam-packed all summer long until late Sept./early Oct. Whew!

I am feeling better all the time. My back is doing very well and I am on the least amount of pain medication that I have been on in five or six years...that means that this surgery REEEALLY made a HUGE improvement and I am hoping that I will be able to go off all pain meds completely! I only have to take one pill in the morning and one at bed time!!! For those of you who don't know, I have been on meds since 1999 and I was taking three to four pills every eight hours, so this really is a BIG deal! Thank You Jesus!!!

The "summer" has seemingly started here. That means that durning the day it may get up to 74 degrees F!!! Whoooo Hooooo, we're partying now! : ) at night it still gets down around 45 degrees F...last week it was below freezing at night...the sprinklers came on and then all of the grass was completely covered in sheaths of was really beautiful. Since Ari is working so late into the morning, I have been blessed with getting to watch the sun come up over the mountain range that I look at out all of our the twilight, with the mountains just softly back-lit by the approaching sun rise, stars are still dotting the really is enough to take one's breath away! I tried to take some pictures, we'll see if they turn out...I will post them. We are so blessed to live in such and amazingly, indiscribably beautiful place. I wish that I could share it with each of's like one of the moments in your life you know that you are going to remember forever; just how you were feeling at just that moment, the glory of our God in His creation being poured out just for us to enjoy right that minute. It feels like you are the only one in the world, and that you are so lucky that God chose to let me see something so amazing. Well, didn't I just wax all phylosophic on you all! : )

We are still planning on a Hawaiian vacation in early Oct...end of festival season, AND our third anniversary! By the way, we are so loving being married! We are still just as happy, if not happier now...I think that when it's good, it's really we are very happy with our little family and praying to expand it when I am healthy enough and God's timing is perfect. We are also really hoping to move outta here, preferably back to the NW, in the next year or so...again, we are waiting on God for that one too! : ) Boy, it sure seems like life would be so much easier if our timing could also be God's timing! Somehow I know that it's much better to just wait and's always seemed to work out for the best when we've waited on God's timing for things in life, so we are more than willing to be patient for God's First Best! : )

I love you all and I miss you very much...Robin, I really missed getting to see you while we were in the NW and I would love it if you called me some time when your boys are sleeping and you have a spare minute...I am afraid to call you, I don't want to wake anyone up, or catch you in one of "those moments" when you don't want to speak to know what I mean. So, give me a call. I miss you and I want to hear all about Judah and how you all are, etc... Leah, you could call me to, Missy! I haven't been able to get a real phone call with you forever!!! If and when you are ever up late, call Kristen!!! Especially these next couple of weeks, I am really lonely! : ( Jonesy's, a phone call would be ab-fab too! Heck, since I'm on the whole "shameless plea" thing, Corrie, Amy...give me a call! I would love to hear from you, very much! Seth, Tess, Hannah and Caleb, pick up the phone; I miss you!!!